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Flower Bomb Tea Rinse

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Want to reduce shedding, reduce frizz and strengthen your hair from the root to tip? Try our new Hair and Herbal Tea Rinse! Include this blend of essential herbs in your washday for stronger, fuller, shinier hair!

Herbs included:

Calendula Flowers

Lavender Buds

Rose Petals

Hibiscus Flowers

Elder Flowers

Red Raspberry Leaf


Hair Types

This rinse can be used on ALL hair types. Let the natural scent take you away while it works inside and out to reduce shedding and strengthen your hair.

Brewing Instructions / Directions: 

Brew one (or more) tablespoons of loose tea in a cup (8oz) of boiling water. Steep for at least 10 minutes. Let cool. Pour into applicator bottle and apply to hair after shampooing and conditioning. Rinse out or Leave In. 

Want to enjoy a hot cup of tea? Follow the same instructions and add sweetener of choice and lemon to taste. 

What will I receive? 3oz Bag of Loose Tea (30 day supply based on weekly application)

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