5 Tips to Slay your Natural Hair (during that zoom meeting)

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Can I be honest?


However, I am a perpetual optimist. So, if we must carry on our lives over Zoom and social media, at least we can look darn good doing it!

Today’s Topic

5 Tips to Slay your Natural Hair (during that zoom meeting)

Let’s jump right into it because when this whole situation started back in Feb-March timeframe, I didn’t know what a ‘Zoom’ was, so I had to learn quick!


Use any extra down-time you have to do a deep-treatment, the night before a dreaded Zoom meeting preferably right…? The number one question we receive goes something like this “Hey CurlFriend, I add product to my hair just about everyday but within a few hours, my hair is back to feeling dry! Please Help”

My first response (also in the form of a question), is: “How often do you deep condition?” Its easy for us to forget how important it is to capture and seal moisture during our wash days. Even if the first ingredient of you moisturizing cream, leave-in or hydration cream is water….

There is no substitute for actual water for adding moisture!

Pick a low-manipulation hair style and deep condition for at least 20 minutes each wash-day (if possible), then move on to styling. This extra step really does pay dividends.

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Tip 2: A Leave-In Conditioner is a MUST!

I hear you! I hear you! “Ok I had a thousand things going on during the day that I thought I had set aside for my weekly wash/self-care day so I didn’t get in a deep-conditioning.” TRUST ME, I understand. Ok the next-best thing to ensure your curls are zoom-ready is a great Leave-In conditioner that you know (or think) your hair will respond(s) well to.

This will ensure your curls are bounce-ready for whatever your virtual day throws at you. Some hair can deal with adding product every day, but for those of us that get a slight build up, try adding some water to natural aloe gel and mist it on to your hair for a quick refresher between wash days or try our ‘Curl Revitalizer Spray’.

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Tip 3: Take A Breather

If you find extra time on your hands, use this time to continue to nurture your crown. Chose low maintenance styles. If you aren’t already, get familiar with twist-outs and various braid types. Both are great for moisture retention and as long as you wear your bonnet to sleep each night; they shouldn’t require a lot of upkeep. This time in quarantine can act as a breathing period for natural hair, so you can focus on maintaining moisture and repairing any remaining damage.

Try the twists seen here by IG @nautally_curlysa

Tip 4: Try Adding a Stimulating Herbal Oil

Adding a stimulating Herbal Oil to your hair will provide nourishment to your hair and scalp. This final step will ensure that moisture gets locked in. It will also add a beautiful shine to your strands and keep those ends protected. Try massaging into your scalp 1-2 times a week to rejuvenate and stimulate your follicles.

Try sitting your preferred oil in some hot water for a few minutes until the oil is warm, then apply from root to end in small sections. Use a plastic cap for 15-20 minutes or sit under a hair dryer. Shampoo and proceed to your additional wash day steps.

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Tip 5: Wrap It Up Honey!

Add a cute head wrap on the days when you have to go out for groceries and other essentials to ensure optimal protection, while still looking gorgeous. Check out more of these personalized beauties.

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Until next time Loves….. Enjoy this quiet time. Things will be back to their natural ‘hustle and bustle’ in no time. Now proceed to SLAY those Zoom meetings!

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